Electrified Fall Camporee

All Seven Rivers District Troops are invited to participate in a special weekend that is sure to be a fun, interesting and electrifying Scouting experience. On October 17-19, 2914 we are expecting several hundred Scouts and leaders to converge at Canoe River Wilderness Area, Foxborough, MA for the 2014 Fall Camporee.

Saturday will be filled with competition events that will challenge patrol leadership and teamwork. Some events are weather dependent and some are dependent on the availability of specialized-staff and/equipment and so are subject to change. Information on the events will be available on-line soon.

The schedule for the event is as follows:

Day Time Activity
Friday 6:00 PM Meet at Rod and Gun
  6:30 PM Depart from Rod and Gun
  7:00 PM Canoe River Wilderness Area
  8:30 PM SPL, Chaplain Aides, Staff Meeting
  9:45 PM Adult Leader Cracker-barrel
  10:45 PM Taps - Lights our and Quiet
Saturday 6:30 AM Reveille
  7:00 AM Breakfast
  8:15 AM Assemble at Parade Ground
  8:45 AM Return to camp and prepare
  9:15 AM Campsite Inspection
  9:15 - 11:55 AM Field Day Rally - Morning Activity
  11:55 AM Lunch and cleanup
  1:30 - 4:10 PM Field Day Rally - Afternoon Activity
  4:35 PM Water Rocket Cannon Competition
  5:35 PM Dinner and Cleanup
(with Backpacker dessert competition)
  8:00 PM Campfire Program
  10:30 PM Taps - Lights our and Quiet
Sunday 7:00 AM Reveille
  7:30 AM Breakfast
  9:00 AM Scouts Own Service
  9:45 AM Closing Ceremony, Awards
  10:00 AM Pack cars and depart
  10:30 AM Arrive at Rod and Gun
The website for the camporee is http://www.electrifiedfallcamporee.com/
Rick LaRowe,
Sep 27, 2014, 9:10 AM