Winter Camping 2016 - Camp Resolute, Bolton, MA

Winter camping at BSA Camp Resolute Bolton,MA  The weather will be cold (mid 30's to low 20's) but we have a cabin.  Some will choose to tent camp.  We will also be inviting some Weblos to come with us on this trip.  The weather will be cold especially at night so be sure to dress warm and be prepared for some snow.

Meeting time:2/126:00 PMRod and Guneat dinner before arrival
Departure:2/126:30 PMRod and Gun 
Arrival at parking  (estimate):2/12700 PMArrive at Camp Resolute  
Arrival at site (estimate):2/127:00 PMSite: Rifle Cabin
Departure from camp:2/149:00 AMDepart Camp Resolute
Return arrival (estimate)2/149:30 AMRod and Gun 

Winter Camping Resolute