Court of Honor

Troop 99 holds a Court of Honor three times a year. Once in the Spring (June), once at summer camp (August), and once in the winter (December).

A Court of Honor is the opportunity to publicly recognize a Scout for a number of achievements, including merit badges, rank advancement, and special awards.

Each time a Scout advances in rank or earns a merit badge, he should be recognized on two occasions. The first should occur as soon as possible after a board of review has approved rank advancement or the merit badge has been earned AND an Advancement Report has been filed with the council office – preferably at the next unit meeting. This recognition should be dignified but simple, involving not much more than presenting the Scout with his new badge.

The second occasion is a court of honor, a public ceremony to recognize Scouts for successful achievement and to describe the importance of the program. The main purposes of the court of honor are to furnish formal recognition for achievement and to provide incentive for other Scouts to advance. At this time, he should be presented with the recognition cards for each of the awards he has received since the last Court of Honor.

When a Scout has earned the Eagle Scout rank, he deserves a special recognition. The Eagle Scout ceremony may not be conducted until the action of the board of review has been approved by the national Eagle Scout Service.