Highland Games

Our October camping trip is our Highland Games Camporee, at the Wrentham Development Center. We will be participating in many activities which consists of the Pioneer Rope Throw, Weight Throw, Braemer Stone, Caber Toss, Compass Medallion, Hoist the Sheep, Toss the Sheaf, Farmer’s Walk, Cairn Construction, Fire-Starting, Hand-Shake Wrestle, Water Balance Pipe, Haggis Toss, Kilted Run, and Tug-O-War. All are asked to participate as traditional Scotsmen in Clans. The SPL will be the Chief of the Clan. His Clan will be made up of Septs(patrols), smaller Clans dependent on the Chief, led by Chieftains (Patrol Leaders).Each Sept is to have their own Tartan. We will be making sashes on Thursday 10/13/15 meeting and wearing them instead of kilts..