Mount Greylock Introductory Backpacking

Lanesborough, MA

September 12-14, 2014.

This will be a great opportunity for a first backpacking trip. On Friday evening we will head west to the Berkshires where we'll have about a 1.5 mile hike from the parking area to our group camping site. On Saturday we'll go hiking with day packs, getting the opportunity to peak the highest mountain in Massachusetts at 3,491 feet. There's also a pretty good waterfall to see as a little side trip.

NOTE: Attendance for this trip has been finalized. Gear check at the Thursday Troop Meeting unless otherwise approved.

Meeting time: 9/12 6:30 PM Rod and Gun (eat dinner before arrival)

Departure: 9/12 7:00 PM Rod and Gun

Arrival at parking (estimate): 9/12 9:30 PM Mount Greylock State Reservation

Arrival at site (estimate): 9/12 10:30 PM Mount Greylock State Reservation

Return departure: 9/14 9:30 AM Mount Greylock State Reservation

Return arrival (estimate): 9/14 12:00 PM Rod and Gun


We will be planning and eating in Patrols. Meal plans must be approved by the SPL and Scoutmaster by Friday 9/5. Suggestions and guidance will be provided ahead of time.