April 2019


4/26/19 - 4/28/19 Tenderfoot Weekend

Troop members attending trip and date they came:

Day 1 arrivals: Joey, Zach, and Mr. Beaupre, Mr. Cadorette, Mr. Zercie, Mr. Curtis, Mrs. Bryan, 999 mega liters of rain

Day 2 arrivals: Peter , Mr. Hazlett

Day 2 departures: Peter , Mr. Hazlett

Day 3 Appearances: Mr. Larowe, Mr. Kroon, Mr. Tiruveedi, Mr. Gardenier

After a long drive in the car (like every trip is) the GPS sent us around 200 feet away from the parking lot of Nobscot Scout reservation. I opened up the door to my dad’s car which was parked next to Mr. Cadorette, I got out of the car in the freezing cold temperatures and the cold pouring annoying rain and landed on the gravel parking lot. I looked at the rest of the parking lot and got agitated. Looking at an ocean in a parking lot, welcome to Sea World and welcome to Atlantis were going through my mind. We only grabbed the stuff that we needed so we didn't have to hike far with heavy items. The walk was atrocious. It was pouring. We were carrying heavy objects. I was complaining (sorry!) a ten-minute walk turned into a 1-2-hour walk in seconds. The rain stopped, and we made it. Mr. Zercie opened up the door to a wooden building with bunk beds that had green mattresses and also a fireplace. Forgot to mention that. Then we slept.

The next day in the morning we got up early and went to the cars to grab the stuff that we did not grab (food, patrol bins, etc.) and hiked back up.

Peter and I then cooked lunch (my hot dogs and beans with brown bread was a big hit) Then we cooked dinner. After dinner, we had a campfire program ran by me and peter, where we told 18000 cow jokes as the day “moo”ved along until we felt like we had :milked it” enough, got bored and went back inside and went to bed.

The next day we woke up, ate breakfast, and then left to go home. And that was it, I had fun. Many others did too.