February 2019


2/8/19 - 2/9/19 Ski trip at Crotched Mountain

Troop members attending trip and date they came:

Day 1 arrivals:

Joey, Chucky, Jaret, Zach, and Mr. Beaupre, Mr. Cerier, Mr. Cadorette

Day 2 arrivals:

Ryan, Will, Caeden and Mr. Parisi

After a long and cold drive, we finally arrived at Crotched Mountain. Our room was in the season pass office that had a perfect exit point to bring your skis/snowboard out and go skiing. I came later than all of our scouts that came on the first day and when I was in the middle of getting ready to go outside Jaret came flying out of the door as he attempted to scare me, sadly it worked. When I did go outside I was followed by all of the kids in our troop that came on day 1 and we went on the bunny hill then we started to drift off and do other trails. Then we went to the lunchroom and had lunch. Right after this Chucky, Jaret and I went downstairs from the lunchroom to our room and had a war of attacking each other with pillows and sleeping bags.

On day 2 Will, Ryan and Caeden arrived, and then we went into the mess hall for breakfast. Chucky started to feel sick so he stayed behind while Jaret, Caeden, Joey and I went skiing/snowboarding. The older kids went snowboarding and skiing and I only saw them a few times the entire trip. After lunch, we had yet again another pillow war and more skiing and then we went home.