February 2020


February 5 - We prepared for our upcoming Ski Trip and discussed transportation, equipment required, like helmets, boots, skis,poles and snowboards.

February 26 - We prepared for MBU and made groups to work on a few badges like Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the World, etc. We talked about what we need for MBU.


On February 12th, Troop 99 went to Crotched Mountain for the annual ski trip that our troop does every year. The only exception was that it was a day trip, instead of a 2 day where we sleepover. The whole troop still had a blast though!

On the ski lift, Will and Alex were in back of us and Will did this thing with his snowboard where he would smack it against the pole, and he did this to every pole, and I found it hysterical.

While riding on the chair lift with Jaret , I managed to get some beautiful shots of the scenery:

Also I Went Skiing/Snowboarding with Caeden, who was doing adaptive skiing. (And he was going like, 30 miles per hour or something!)

Near the end of the trip and the day, we all assembled as a troop in the lodge and ate cake because the trip was on Alex’s birthday