January 2020


January 15- We discussed the upcoming Freeze-out trip on 1/24: attendance, and what to bring on the trip. There are two patrols and each one is in charge of a sled so we decorated a flag with markers for each sled during the meeting. We also practiced knots and lashings that we’ll be tying on the trip. We also handed in our health forms.

We also talked about Merit Badge University and were supposed to give Mr. Zercie, our Scoutmaster, a list of the top 7 badges we want to work on and money for MBU. MBU takes place in March. Some of us were interested in the same badges, but there was also a very wide variety of different choices. After we talked, we handed in our merit badge choices for MBU. A week or so later Mr. Zercie sent us all a list of which merit badges we were going to do. It basically acts as our schedule during MBU.

January 29th- We talked about what happened at the Klondike/Freeze-out and a little about the upcoming Ski Trip. Then we played museum, and when I was the guard, I messed with everyone’s zippers and hoods.


On January 24, we met at the Rod and Gun Club at 6 pm and drove to the Freeze-out at Camp Resolute in Bolton, MA. We hiked in and set up our tents. It was very cold. Thankfully, I had a fleece sleeping bag liner and a neck warmer. The next morning, Mr Curtis made us an awesome dutch oven breakfast and we got ready for the days activities.

First, we went over to the two-man saw station and Peter and I did it. Nitin and Nitish went after us. Next we did fire-starting and I learned a new flint and steel trick. Then we did slingshot and earned an extra 3 points for scout spirit. Then we went to emergency prep and waited for a slot but it didn’t come so we left for knot tying which also didn’t have a spot so we left for the tomahawk throwing. While at tomahawk throwing my camera died before I could throw my second ax but I was still able to get a picture of the range.

These are the scouts that attended the trip