November 2019


We used our troop meetings to prepare for our upcoming backpacking/hiking/cooking trip on December 7 by preparing meal plans, thinking about what to pack and forming patrol groups. And we prepared for the open house on 11/20.

On November 20, we had an open house for any new Webelos who want to join our troop that are moving up from Cub Scouts to Scouts next year. We showed them where we meet at the Rod and Gun club, talked to them about our troop, showed them what tents we use, what a bin we might bring to camp looks like, freeze-dried food, a hiking backpack, merit badges, etc. Also, some kids did presentations on Yawgoog Summer camp and on the Philmont trip the older scouts went on. And Caeden even brought a tent!! Mr. Zercie, (our amazing scoutmaster) even wrote an email saying that we did a great job representing.


Since this is my first monthly update, in this format, it’s important to mention that one member of our troop recently earned a great honor and became an EAGLE SCOUT. Congratulations Ben!!

Community Service:

On November 16, two members of Troop 99 performed community service at Wrentham State School in Wrentham, MA. We raked up 25 bags of leaves in the cold and cleared a large outdoor area. It should be nice now for the residents to hang out outside. Also, it looks neater than it did before for their visitors. And then we all ate lunch together.

On November 17 – Troop 99 raked the backyard, side yard and down by the waterfront at the Rod and Gun club. It was both me and Peter’s second day of raking in a row! The Rod and Gun club allows us to use their building to meet in practically every week for Troop and Patrol Leader meetings and we do this to give back to them, so we can continue to use this nice and warm place to have meetings (and get mountain dew).