November 2020

Troop/Patrol Meetings:

We had two patrol meetings and we discussed the logistics for the Rod and Gun cleanup. Rank requirements were completed. Potential trip ideas and patrol activities were brainstormed.

Community Service:

Every Year, we give back to the Rod and Gun club who let us use the premises to have our meetings. We give back by cleaning up the leaves and raking. We split it up into different patrols to account for the rules on the virus, and had different time slots for different patrols.


We had a Court of Honor at the Common on November 16. To follow the councils covid guidelines we did it outside and it was very cold. The people that have jobs got patches for their jobs. I remember seeing historian, scribe, quartermaster and patrol leader patches. There were many more also.

It was a very busy year and a lot of advancement was done. There were 12 different scouts that earned an award or some kind of advancement. There were 7 rank advancements given, 23 Merit badges earned, and 15 awards presented! Some that no one in the Troop had ever completed before!

All of the Scouts that earned advancement or awards really stepped up and took advantage of the Scouting opportunities that we have been able to do during Covid. It really showed that it will take more than a global pandemic to stop Troop 99!

Eagle Projects:

Will did his eagle project this month. He built wheelchair-accessible picnic tables for use at the First Universalist Church in Franklin. He fund raised through GoFundMe, and then he got to work on the picnic tables. He removed three rotten and neglected picnic tables and built and added 2 new handicapped accessible tables. Additionally, he led a small cleanup surrounding the area. Good Job Will!