Troop 99 Scout FAQ


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Summer Camp

What summer camp does the Troop attend?

The Troop attends Yawgoog Scout Reservation in Rhode Island. It is an awesome camp that is over 100 years old!

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What camp and campsite does the Troop stay at while at Yawgoog?

There are three camps at Yawgoog: Sandy Beach, Medicine Bow and our camp, "The oldest and most tradition-filled camp"

Camp Three Point!!!

Our campsite is Sleepy Hollow, which is right next to the Dining Hall and steps away from the waterfront!

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Troop Organization Questions

What is a Patrol and what is the Patrol Method?

A Scout patrol is a small team of normally six to eight members where Scouts learn skills together, share responsibilities and take on leadership roles.

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Which Scout is in charge of the Troop?

The Senior Patrol Leader is in charge of the Troop. If they are not at the activity, than the Assistant Senior Patrol leader or another Scout selected by the SPL is in charge.

Who does a member of a patrol contact to get answers to Troop questions?

Your patrol leader. If after a few days you still don't get a response, email them again and copy the Senior Patrol leader.

Rank Advancement Questions

What are the requirements for each Rank?

CLICK HERE for the requirements from the BSA. All of the requirements can also be found in your Handbook.

Can I work on more than one Rank at a time?

Yes. You can work on Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class requirements at the same time. You do have to be awarded the ranks in order, for example you can't earn First Class until after you earn Second, Tenderfoot and Scout.

Who can sign off on Rank Advancement in my Handbook?

Any Scout that has reached the rank of First Class or above can sign off on completed Rank Advancement items in your Handbook.

Any requirements that deal with "being active in your troop" or "serving actively in your troop" along with the requirement to participate in a Scoutmaster conference must be signed off on by the Scoutmaster.

The Board of Review requirement will be signed off by the members of the Committee that sit on the Board.

Who do I need to speak to about the service hours needed for Rank Advancement?

All service projects need to be pre-approved by the Scoutmaster. Before you do the service hours you must discuss the service activity with the Scoutmaster and have them approve the activity. Make sure to get proof of the time spent. That could be something like an email from the organization that you did the service for or photos from the event. Make sure to bring these to your Scoutmaster Conference so that you can discuss the activity and the Scoutmaster can sign off on the rank requirement.

What is a Scoutmaster Conference?

It’s simply a visit between the Scoutmaster and a Scout. During the conference, the two can discuss the Scout’s ambitions and life purpose, set goals for future achievement (both in Scouting and beyond), review the Scout’s participation in the troop and explore his understanding and practice of the ideals of Scouting. The conference also gives the Scoutmaster an opportunity to solicit feedback on the troop program and any challenges the Scout is facing.

Who do I speak to about scheduling a Scoutmaster Conference?

A Scout needs to speak to the Scoutmaster about scheduling a Scoutmaster conference. You also need to include the Troop Advancement Chair or another adult on the request.

When can I schedule my Scoutmaster Conference?

A Scout can schedule a SMC at any point after they earn the previous rank. Please note that the Scoutmaster conference is typically done toward the end of the rank advancement process so that it can be as meaningful and reflective as possible.

What is a Board of Review?

The board of review is a chance for adults in the Committee to talk with the Scout about what he’s done, what he’s learned, how has it helped him in his advancement and how he’s enjoying the program.

When can I schedule a Board of Review?

A Scout who has completed the requirements for any rank (except Scout rank) can request a board of review.

Who do I speak to about scheduling a Board of Review?

A Scout needs to speak to the Troop Advancement Chair about scheduling a Board of Review. Please copy a second adult on the request.

Merit Badges

What is a Merit Badge?

Merit badges give scouts the opportunity to investigate around 120 different areas of knowledge and skills. The merit badge program plays a major role in the scouting advancement program and participation can begin as soon as a scout registers with a troop. Each scout can explore topics from American Business to Woodworking as they have interest. The only limitations are their ambition and availability of adult merit badge counselors to offer instruction.

Click here for more info from the BSA

Who do I speak to about starting a new Merit Badge?

You need to speak to the Scoutmaster about starting a new Merit Badge.

What is the Troop 99 Online Merit Badge Network?

The Troop 99 Online Merit Badge Network is a set of Google Classrooms that the Troop has set up to help Scouts earn Merit Badges. Each class has at least one Merit Badge Counselor who you will work with on the Merit Badge. Just like with school, there are things for you to turn in and ways to have discussions with Counselors. It is super easy and super fun!

Where do I get the Google classroom codes for the Troop 99 Online Merit Badge Network?

The classroom codes can be found in the Scout's Corner

Do I need to get a physical Blue Card to start a Merit Badge

You do not need to get a physical Blue Card to start a Merit Badge but you do need to speak to the Scoutmaster first so that they can discuss your interest in the badge with you and so that they can get you the contact information for a Merit Badge Counselor. They will use the date you speak as the Initial Unit Leader Signature date in Scoutbook.

Do I need to keep the Applicant Record section of my Blue Card after I earn the Merit Badge?

Yes you need to retain your portion of the Blue Card for your records. If there is an issue when your Eagle Application is being processed, they will come to you looking for your segment.

What is a recommended approach for keeping my blue cards safe?

Many Scouts have found using a three-ring binder and plastic baseball card sleeves if a great way to store their segments.

Troop 99 Traditions

Why does the leader of a hike ask "Is anyone NOT ready"?

Asking if anyone is NOT ready makes it easier for the hike leader to know if everyone is ready by NO ONE saying anything. Once the hike leader hears no one say anything the leader will shout "Tally-H0!!!" which is the command to start moving.

What are there more of : Grains of sand on all the beaches or leaves on all the trees?

Let the fire side discussion begin!!!

What is an "Old Goat"?

Just like the Scouts have patrols, so do the adult leaders. The adults who attend outdoor program activities camp together in their own patrol- the Old Goats.

What is the Philmont Grace?

For food, for raiment

For life, for opportunity

For friendship and this fellowship

We thank thee, O Lord

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